State Inspections

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State Inspections SErvice

Is your vehicle due for a state inspection? Let Rick’s Tire and Auto handle it. We have a team of certified technicians who are licensed to carry out state inspections for any car and truck. We can complete the procedure quickly and precisely — making this state-mandated inspection an easy and convenient experience for you.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a state inspection.

Why Trust Our State Vehicle Inspections

State inspections are necessary to ensure that your vehicle won’t be a safety hazard for you and other people. However, a lot of vehicle owners find this a time-consuming and bothersome responsibility. The good thing is if you schedule an appointment with Rick’s Tire and Auto, you will have access to a smoother and easier state inspection experience.

You can trust our certified technicians to deliver a fast and convenient inspection — allowing you to get a new inspection sticker and certificate right away. What’s more, in case your vehicle failed to pass the initial inspection, we can help you address the issue and ensure that your vehicle is in passing shape before your re-inspection schedule.

state inspections

Schedule a State Inspection With Rick's Tire and Auto

Make state inspections less of a hassle with Rick’s Tire and Auto. We guarantee to complete the inspection as quickly as possible — helping you get back on the road with a new valid safety inspection sticker. Our team can also help you address all detected problems in case you failed your initial inspection. That way, there won’t be any issues on the day of the scheduled re-inspection. Experience top-quality and hassle-free state inspections with Rick’s Tire and Auto. Schedule an inspection with us today!

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