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Get access to top-quality lift and level kits at Rick’s Tire and Auto. We carry a wide selection of lift and level kits from some of the best and most trusted brands — allowing you to find one that best fits your needs and budget. In case you need assistance in choosing a kit, our friendly and professional staff is available to help you find the perfect lift or level kit for your truck.

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Why You Should Get a Lift and Level Kit From Rick's Tire and Auto

There are many benefits of installing a lift or level kit in your truck. However, maximizing your lift or level kit’s functionality may be difficult to achieve if you failed to select the right product. That’s why you should only get your lift and level kits from a reputable shop like Rick’s Tire and Auto.

Get an awesome deal when you choose from our wide array of selections. Rest assured that we only offer lift and level kits from trusted brands at incredibly great prices. We can help upgrade your vehicle’s performance and appearance without breaking the bank. Our technicians can even install your lift or level kit on your vehicle, ensuring that the installation is quick and error-free.

lift and level kits

Find the Best Lift and Level Kits at Rick's Tire and Auto

Rick’s Tire and Auto offers some of the best lift and level kits you can find in Mechanicsville, VA. If you want to improve the appearance or add a few inches to your truck, we have the ideal lift and level kits for you. Our technicians are here to answer your questions and provide top-caliber installation. Get in touch with Rick’s Tire and Auto today.

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